Pit Boss Pellet Grill vs Traeger

Want a natural and mouthwatering smoky flavor in your meat? Then, consider using a pellet grill! The wood pellets that are used will impart a unique flavor that is hard to match. You can choose from mesquite, pecan, maple, apple, and cherry, among others, depending on the flavor profile that you prefer.

Aside from the taste, pellet grills are popular because they are easy to use, can deliver a varied temperature range, and produces consistent heat level.

Nonetheless, not all pellet grills are the same. That said, in this Pit Boss vs Traeger post, we’ll have a quick look at two of the best brands that should be on your radar and how they compare with each other.

Pit Boss Pellet Grill vs Traeger


Without a doubt, most of you will decide on the basis of price. Many will be tempted to choose one pellet grill only because it is economical.

While this is being practical, we suggest that you do not do this. It is best to go beyond costs.

Do not hesitate to choose a more expensive model if this will provide an assurance that you will enjoy top-notch quality.

Basic grills can cost $100 or less. Pellet grills, on the other hand, are known for being generally expensive. If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative, Pit Boss seems to be the favorite of most people. They have pellet grills within the $300 to $700 price range.

Traeger, meanwhile, is known for their premium models, including grills that will cost over $1,000. This does not mean that you should immediately ditch the brand. There is a reason why their products are expensive. Read product reviews from real users and you will understand why.


When shopping for a pellet grill, it is important as well that you take into consideration how versatile it is. Meaning, you need to find one that can function beyond a grill, which will allow you to make the most out of it. This means that you do not have to purchase other cooking tools.

Between the two, it is safe to say that Pit Boss is the more versatile option. This is because it can carry up to eight different functions, including grilling, smoking, roasting, and searing, among others. This is as against most Traeger grills, which can generally offer only up to six functions.

Size and Capacity

This all boils down to personal preferences. If you will use it only occasionally and if you are a small household, small grills will be more than enough. On the other hand, if you are a large family and you often love hosting parties at home, then you might benefit from choosing one that is larger.

This Pit Boss vs Traeger comparison highlights that both brands have diverse line-ups, so you can expect that there is a size that will work best for your needs.

If you want bigger grills, Traeger is a name that will be hard to match. Their Timberline 1300 Pellet Grill has a total cooking capacity of 1,300 square inches. Most of the grills that are available at Pit Boss, on the other hand, will average at 500 square inches.


The overall construction of the pellet grill is a critical consideration because it directly impacts performance and durability, among other things. Aside from being long-lasting, the materials used must help in maintaining a consistent temperature. To add, they should also be easy to clean and maintain.

When it comes to the overall construction of their grills, Trager stands out. No wonder, the company has more expensive models. The price can be justified by the fact that they have excellent materials.

Ease of Use

It can be frustrating to have a grill that is filled with complications. That said, you should look for features that will make it intuitive, such as in terms of setting the temperature and monitoring the progress of the grilling.

Both Traeger and Pit Boss excel when it comes to ease of use. They have digital controllers that will make it a snap to set the desired cooking temperature. They also have innovative clean-out systems that will minimize the mess associated with the use of their grills.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

This is a fancy feature that might be essential for some, especially for those who are looking for convenience. This will help to control the grill even from a distance. In most cases, you will download a compatible app and you can use your smartphone for monitoring and controlling the pellet grill.

From the two brands that we are comparing, Traeger is the only one that has Wi-Fi connectivity. This also explains why their grills are usually more expensive compared to those that you can find from Pit Boss. For Traeger, they call this the Wi-Fire Technology, which allows you to fire up the grill on your palm.


It is hard to decide which between Pit Boss and Traeger is the better brand. They both have their strong and weak points. For our team, however, we believe that Traeger is the better option.

They can be more expensive, but the cost should not matter given the fact that they can deliver superior performance and durability.