Best Portable Ice Maker Consumer Reports 2022

Why rush to stores to get large batches of ice when you can make ones right within your home with these best portable ice makers?

While it might sound absurd or unbelievable that ice cubes can be created within a matter of minutes, you’ll be surprised to see how fast these products can make ice. In fact, with certain models, you only need to wait for 6 minutes for fresh ice to be made.

Of course, quick ice production time is not the only necessary requirement for a top-notch portable ice maker. There are still plenty of aspects to consider before you can decide a model is suitable for you. So let’s jump into my article for the best portable ice makers 2022.

Best Portable Ice Maker Consumer Reports 2022

What are you waiting for? Now it’s time to get to my review for the best portable ice makers in 2022. In my reviews, I will point out all the key characteristics of all the recommended models so that you can understand them better.

1. Aglucky Countertop Automatic Portable Ice Maker

AGLUCKY Countertop Ice Maker Machine, Portable Ice Makers Countertop, Make 26 lbs ice in 24 hrs,Ice Cube Rready in 6-8 Mins with Ice Scoop and Basket (Black)

For an affordable and reliable portable ice maker, you can always count on this product from Agluckly. Thanks to its compact design and featherlight weight, the product can be carried virtually anywhere for easy and convenient ice making.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating this portable ice maker because of its small size and low price; this unit can produce up to 9 ice cubes within only 6 to 8 minutes. That’s not all; it can also generate up to 26.5 pounds every 24 hours so that you can always have fresh ice.

What’s more, unlike low-grade portable ice makers, this unit from Agluckly is very quiet even when its compressor is working, thanks to its quick and quiet cooling system. This also means that you’ll be able to save quite a lot of energy with this portable ice maker.

That’s not all; this model also comes with an indicator to let you know when its ice basket is full. Furthermore, it can also inform you when the unit runs out of the water so that you can add more water to it to produce fresh ice.


  • The machine allows you to select the ice size of your preferences
  • Ice maker comes with an easy plug drain to let you effortlessly remove excess water from it
  • The user-friendly control panel will let you operate the unit with ease


  • The ice maker’s insulation system is not very good; therefore, the ice cannot stay cold for long periods

2. Vremi Countertop Portable Ice Maker

Vremi Black Portable Ice Cube Maker – Produces 26 Pounds of Ice Cubes a Day – Display Panel Indicator with Removable Ice Basket and Scoop – Modern Countertop Ice Machine That Makes Ice Every 8 Minutes

Simple yet efficient, the Vremi portable ice maker boasts a sleek and elegant design that allows it to fit into virtually any kitchen’s decoration. With its compact design, the model allows you to effortlessly store it, even in narrow spaces.

Within only 8 to 10 minutes, this portable ice maker can produce up to 9 chewable bullet-shaped ice cubes. This means that within 24 hours, the unit will be able to yield an impressive 26 pounds of ice for your enjoyment.

Furthermore, the Vremi portable ice maker is also implemented with innovative features such as an automatic shut-off program, which will immediately turn off the unit to prevent ice from overflowing.

Additionally, the model boasts a quiet cooling function as well as an energy-efficient performance. The unit can also reuse the water from the melted ice to ensure that new ice will always be produced.


  • Portable ice maker is made from high-quality materials for durability
  • The machine has a transparent viewing window to let you see how much ice is in it
  • The machine is easy to use and clean


  • The water indicator might be inaccurate sometimes

3. Frigidaire EFIC102 Compact Portable Ice Maker

Frigidaire EFIC102-RED Compact Making Machine, Large Portable Ice Maker, Red, Medium

One of the most lightweight and compact portable ice makers, this product from Frigidaire proves to be an excellent choice for camping trips. Thanks to its programmable feature, this portable ice maker allows you to select ice size according to your preferences.

Being able to produce ice in only 6 minutes, this product from Frigidaire can yield up to 26 pounds of ice every day. This means that this machine alone is more than enough to accommodate your needs on every camping trip.

Furthermore, this Frigidaire portable ice maker features a see-through top to let you monitor the ice-making process and make it easier for you to gauge how much ice is left in the unit without opening the lid.


  • This ice maker is exceptionally user-friendly, allowing you to use and clean it without much effort
  • The compressor cooling system is efficient enough to guarantee quick ice making
  • The product is not overly loud when it’s producing ice


  • The ice cubes produced are relatively wet

4. GE Profile Opal Countertop Nugget Portable Ice Maker

GE Profile Opal | Countertop Nugget Ice Maker with Side Tank | Portable Ice Machine with Bluetooth Connectivity | Smart Home Kitchen Essentials | Stainless Steel Finish | Up to 24 lbs. of Ice Per Day

Thanks to its compatibility with Bluetooth, the GE portable ice maker now allows you to set up its ice-making schedule from afar. With the help of the free GE Profile Opal app and a smartphone, you will be able to have fresh ice whenever you need it.

This powerful portable ice maker from GE Major Appliance is designed to let you enjoy crunchy ice cubes within less than 20 minutes. Thanks to its efficient motor, the unit can make 24 pounds of ice every day while its bin can hold up to 3 pounds at a time.

Furthermore, this product does not require any water hookups. All you need to do is plug it into an electrical outlet and fill its water tank with water and wait for the machine to produce those refreshing ice cubes.


  • The ice produced from this machine has a chewable texture
  • Produce boasts automatic and smart refills to ensure that you will always have ice cubes ready
  • The machine allows you to fully drain the water for easy cleaning


  • This ice maker is rather heavy and loud

5. Euhomy IM-F Compact Portable Ice Maker

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop, 40Lbs/24H Auto Self-Cleaning, 24 pcs Ice Cube in 13 Mins, Portable Compact Ice Cube Maker, with Ice Scoop & Basket, Perfect for Home/Kitchen/Office/Bar (Silver)

In case you need a portable ice maker that can produce an immense amount of ice per day, I’ve included this heavy-duty produce from Euhomy. Thanks to its highly powerful system, this model can make 40 pounds of ice every day.

Unlike the majority of other ice makers, this model can produce up to 24 ice cubes every cycle (which lasts around 12-18 minutes). Furthermore, you can also change the thickness of the ice cubes according to your preferences so that you can always have the perfect drinks.

Furthermore, the Euhomy portable ice maker also comes with an LCD digital display, which lets operating the unit easier than ever. Additionally, the unit allows you to preprogram it with an 8-hour delay as well as on-time ice production.

Furthermore, this product from Euhomy can also guarantee a quiet yet efficient cooling. This means that the utmost advanced refrigeration technology of the product will allow you to produce premium-quality ice cubes without producing too much noise or heat.


  • The machine has an automatic cleaning function to reduce the need for manual cleaning of the product
  • Its compact and free-standing design, the unit is easy to store and transport
  • The ice maker’s transparent window lets you monitor the ice-making process


  • Sometimes the ice maker might produce a big chunk of ice rather than individual ice cubes

6. COOLLIFE 2-in-1 Portable Ice Maker

COOLLIFE Compact Counter top Ice Maker Machine with Self-cleaning- 2 Size Bullet Shaped Ice,9 Cubes Ready in 6-8 Minutes,26LBS/24H-with Ice Scoop and Basket for Home/Office (Silver)

If you need a portable ice maker that can also double act as a water dispenser, then I’m sure you will love this product from CoolLife. Boasting a 2-in-1 design, this portable ice maker lets you dispense either ice or cold water according to your needs.

Highly productive, the COOLLIFE portable ice maker can work to produce ice without interruption whatsoever. Thanks to its powerful compressor, the machine can yield up to 36 pounds of ice every 24 hours so that you can always have fresh ice at your disposal.

Furthermore, this product is implemented with a simple control panel, ensuring that you can use the unit with ease. The control panel also allows you to change the ice cube’s size as well as pre-set the ice-making schedule.

Arriving with ETL certification, the COOLIFE portable ice maker boasts several built-in safety features such as the automatic overflow protection. Aside from being able to prevent ice from overflowing, the unit can turn off automatically when it runs out of water.


  • The machine is compact and lightweight enough to fit virtually anywhere
  • Being made of premium-quality materials, this portable ice maker is quite durable
  • The product is highly efficient and versatile


  • The dispenser can be a bit leaky sometimes

7. Crownful Countertop Portable Ice Maker

CROWNFUL Ice Maker Machine for Countertop, 9 Ice Cubes Ready in 7 Minutes, 26lbs Bullet Ice Cubes in 24H, Portable Small Ice Maker with Scoop and Basket

With this portable ice maker from Crownful, you’ll be able to enjoy ice-cold drinks wherever you travel. Compact and suitable for even small boats, this product can ensure that making ice cubes in a short time can never get easier than this.

Within less than 10 minutes, this portable ice maker from Crownful can produce up to 9 pieces of ice cubes. Furthermore, the energy-efficient cooling system means that you will not have to waste too much energy on the unit.

What’s more, this product has been designed to be as intuitive as possible. Featuring only one button control panel, the unit ensures that you can easily start the unit within seconds. Moreover, it comes with an indicator light to inform you when the unit is full or when it needs cleaning.


  • Thanks to its large ice basket, this unit can hold up to 80 ice cubes at a time
  • Unit is capable of self-cleaning
  • The ice cubes produced by this ice portable maker boast a large size


  • The ice cubes produced by this ice maker can be somewhat wet

8. Kismile Countertop Portable Ice Maker

Kismile Countertop Ice Maker Machine,26Lbs/24H Compact Automatic Ice Makers,9 Cubes Ready in 6-8 Minutes,Portable Ice Cube Maker with Self-Cleaning Program

If you enjoy cold drinks but can’t afford too much time manually cleaning your portable ice maker, you can consider getting the Kismile countertop ice maker, which is implemented with an intuitive self-cleaning feature to remove the unwanted minerals from the machine.

Thanks to its compact and portable design, the Kismile countertop ice maker lets you carry it virtually anywhere with ease. Powerful and efficient, the unit can make 9 ice cubes in roughly 6 to 8 minutes and 26.5 pounds of ice every day.

Furthermore, this portable ice maker also boasts a quiet and quick cooling system, therefore ensuring that its operation will not disturb you or anyone. Even better, the unit can keep your ice cubes cold for considerably longer in comparison with average ice makers.


  • The unit’s evaporator and air exhausting system can guarantee that the unit will not overheat
  • Intuitive control panel allows you to start the machine and select ice sizes with ease
  • The machine can also inform you of when it needs to be refilled with water


  • It’s quite hard to get the ice tray out to refill the unit’s water supply.

9. New Air Portable AI-100R Countertop Portable Ice Maker

Newair Counter Top Ice Maker Machine (Red), Compact Automatic Ice Maker, Cubes Ready in 6 Minutes, 28 Pounds in 24 Hours – Perfect for Home/Kitchen/Office/Bar AI-100R

An ideal choice for small spaces such as RVs, this portable ice maker from New Air boasts a compact design and a featherlight weight. Despite its small size, the unit can produce up to 28 pounds of ice every 24 hours to ensure that you will always have clean and fresh ice.

Requiring no installation, the New Air portable ice maker comes with an intuitive LED control panel, which allows you to select from three ice size choices according to your needs or preferences.

Furthermore, thanks to its fast freezing cycle, this portable ice maker is capable of producing fresh ice cubes every 6 to 14 minutes. Therefore, you will not need to wait for too long for new batches of ice.


  • The machine is easy to use
  • Exceptional durability
  • Despite its fast freezing cycle, the model can still guarantee quiet operation


  • The “FULL ICE” indicator can be inaccurate at times

10. Igloo ICEB26BK Countertop Portable Ice Maker

Igloo ICEB26BK Portable Electric Countertop 26-Pound Automatic Ice Maker, Black

Compatible with water lines, the Igloo ice maker will enable you to select between hooking the unit up with a water line or fill in its 3-quart water tank. As long as you keep its water tank filled, the unit will produce up to 26 pounds every day.

Equipped with an ice basket with a 2-pound capacity, the unit can also ensure that you will always have fresh ice at your disposal. Furthermore, in less than 7 minutes, this unit can yield up to 9 cylinder-shaped ice cubes.

What’s more, the Igloo portable ice maker is implemented with led lights to make sure that you are informed of when you need to add more water into the unit. It can also notify you when the ice basket is full.


  • This portable ice maker can offer silent operation
  • The large water tank can ensure that you will not need to refill it frequently
  • Unit is easy to use and clean


  • The ice maker might experience jam every once in a while

Best Portable Ice Maker 2022 – Buying Guides

To ensure that you will be able to find the most suitable portable ice maker, I’ve made this buying guide to let you know what to look for when buying these products.

Ice Production

First, you need to learn how much your portable ice maker can produce a day. If you don’t need to use too much ice at a time, one capable of producing 26 pounds of ice would be sufficient enough.

Moreover, you should also see how much ice cubes the machine can yield every cycle. While most portable ice makers can create 9 cubes of ice per cycle, there are heavy-duty models that are specifically designed to produce more.

Cycle Time

Another thing you need to pay attention to is its cycle time. A portable ice maker’s cycle time can range from as little as 6 minutes to as much as 15 minutes. If you know that you can’t wait for too long for your ice to be made, opt for models with shorter cycle time.

Water Reservoir

Portable ice makers are usually made with a water reservoir so that they don’t need to be hooked up to a water line. Therefore, you only need to pour fresh water into the product to generate clean ice.

This means that you should choose a portable ice maker with a relatively large water reservoir if you don’t want to constantly monitor the unit for water refilling.

Ice Basket Capacity

Most portable ice makers are designed to stop making new ice once its ice basket is full, while some models without this feature will continue to produce ice until it runs out of the water, which might result in an overflowing.

Therefore, if you don’t have too much time to move the ice cubes from the ice maker to a freezer, you can consider getting a model with a large ice basket capacity to reduce the need for ice removal.

Other Features

There are also some certain features that you might want your portable ice maker to have, such as “Full ice” or “Fill water” indicators, which let you know when you need to remove the ice to make room for new batches or when you need to refill more water into the unit.

Another ideal feature to have is an automatic shut-down program, which will immediately turn the ice maker off once its ice basket is full. This will prevent ice from overflowing and save you quite a lot of energy and water.

If you can afford to pay a bit extra for higher-end products, you can have portable ice makers with a self-cleaning feature, which reduces the need for you to clean the product manually. This feature will remove unwanted minerals from the unit to ensure your ice is always pure.

How To Clean Portable Ice Makers?

When you use a portable ice maker, there would be times when you need to clean the unit to ensure that the ice cubes come out fresh and pure. If you don’t know how to clean a portable ice maker properly, you can check out the video below:


For the best portable ice maker, I’d choose the IKICH Electric Portable Ice Maker, which boasts an efficient performance, outstanding durability, excellent insulation, and other top-notch features that set it apart from competing products.

I hope that after this review, you’ll be able to find the best portable ice maker to meet your needs. Should you have anything you need to ask me, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via the comment section below.